Family Ties by Nico

Family Ties gives me mixed feelings. First, I like the characters. As in Enchanted, they really don’t hold true to the personalities of Helen and Nikki but they’re still good, likable characters. I like this story but there are a few things that are difficult for me to get around because they just seem too farfetched. I’m not going to expand on that so you’ll have to read it yourself to see if you get the same feeling.

This story has Helen and Nikki as step-sisters who haven’t seen each other in over a decade. And they’re both quite happy with the separation. They are brought together again when their grandfather takes ill. As one would expect, spending time reconnecting brings out many emotions and sparks up old feelings and behaviors. In addition to Helen and Nikki, the cast of characters contains Helen’s violent, alcoholic father Campbell, her husband Sean, Nikki’s mother Stella, and their grandfather, the ever horny and lovable Bill. And there’s a mystery to be solved, as well.

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