Enchanted by Nico

Now, before we move any further in this review, I have to say that Nico has a great imagination and comes up with very good story lines. Enchanted is a modern day fairytale and one of my favorite stories. Do I say that too often? You can tell me. I can take it. After reading hundreds of Helen and Nikki stories, I feel that I’m entitled to several favorites, don’t you agree?

This story has many of the components required for a Rev fave: plenty of humor (Helen and Yvonne had me nearly in tears several times due to their antics), a unique story line (Helen trapped in a book because a gypsy placed a curse on her more than 200 years ago), and a villian (in this case, two of the best Bad Girls fan fiction villains, Trisha and Caroline). The best parts for me have to do with Yvonne teaching Helen modern British slang. It was also a good lesson for me, being an American, I had never heard of “undercrackers” before reading this story.

Now, as a grammar junkie and beta reader, this story leaves MUCH to be desired. But I overlook all the typos and awkward sentences because the story makes it worthwhile. I come back to Enchanted a couple times a year because it makes me feel good and laugh.


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