Mulligan by KG MacGregor

This is a continuation of the Valentines Day KG MacGregor special that I started the other day. So if you’ve already had enough of this pen – skip this review and go look at The Uber ect. for something else to spend your reading time on.

I for one am quite pleased that I stayed with MacGregor for a visit with “Mulligan” as this fic introduce us to a couple of women that you don’t meet in your every day fan fic and to the fact that you are never to old to experience romance or to find new love! And should you be into golf you can even get a few words of advice on how to improve your game.

Mulligan is the story of Lou – a retired math teacher – and Marty the local golf pro, both women in their 60’ies, single and not really looking for love, but through golf and the meddling of friends they strike up a friendship that will *** SPOILER ALERT*** eventually lead them down the classic path towards “living happily ever after”.

This short story has a nice positive overtone and no real angst, a few funny episodes and a well constructed dialogue, but the most notable thing about it is the fact that the protagonists are women in their 60’s – so if you’re well beyond your tweeny years, you might like to visit with Lou and Marty and see how life can turn out a bit further down the road. If you feel comfortable in their company you can follow the “story of their life” in “Mulligan II: In the Rough” “Mulligan III: Teachers Pet”, “Mulligan IV: The Cart Path Not Taken”, “Mulligan V: Best Ball” – I must admit that I didn’t get any further than Mulligan III.

If you are not familiar with KG MacGregor’s novel length work, I urge you to get your act together and go look up “The Anna and Lilly stories” (Authors page at The Academy of Bards) or “The Road From Kilimanjaro” which are among my favourite online fic’s – both have been reviewed here.

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