Expectations by KG MacGregor

Is it Valentines yet ? If Valentines Day was just around the corner I would treat you to a guided tour of the world of Valentine themed alt romance stories, but as that’s not the case I’ll just let you join me while I reread a bunch of KG MacGregor’s contributions to The Academy of Bards Valentines Specials as it’s really to summery at my neck of the woods to start reading any lengthy stories at the moment.

I started my Valentine tour with KG MacGregor on “Community Service” sharing a bit of dirty work with Alice Boyd the volunteer coordinator for Habitat for Humanity an organisation that provides housing at affordable prices to families who needs a bit of help.

I guess that Alice would love to spend her weekends holding hands and whispering sweet words to an attentive lover, but as it is she spends her time organising the work at the current building site for Habitat as they work on finishing a new home for Ms Annie and her grandchildren. But rest assured that a possibility of new love will find its way into Alice’s life ….. just wait for the white sports car and the tall and slender woman with long blond hair to arrive.

This is just a short story that leaves you with a little smile and with the prospect of a couple of women getting themselves started on a path that will lead to a bit of hand-holding etc.


How on earth do you hold the attention of a full class of third graders while taking their portraits? If you ask Leo Simms it’s a job that qualifies you for combat pay, but I think that Leo might just take her pay check in the form of a date with the lovely new teacher Claudia Galloway, who seems to have exactly what it takes to handle a bunch of unruly students and perhaps a photographer too.

But don’t get you hopes for a romance up to high – if Leo won’t ask for a date and Claudia won’t offer her one – how do we get the girls to go out? Well leave that to Leo’s sneaky friends who love to meddle.

I think the short story “Expectations” has a bit more depth than “Community Service”. I found it to have a well constructed dialogue and a few funny episodes – you can do worse than give this story a little bit of your reading. There is a sequel titled “Remembrances” that you should read if you want to know how things turn out for Leo and Claudia – its real touching.


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