Everything For Time by Geonn Cannon

Do you hear that ticking – tick, tack, tick, tack ….. it’s time moving ever so slowly, moving along at it’s own pace, there is no stopping it, and no way to turn it back.

I guess that you can go through life keeping track of every tick of the clock or you can just move with the flow never noticing the time that goes by. Kira McManus keeps track of every second of every minute that ticks by, not consciously but all the same she always know the exact time or the precise number of seconds it takes to go from one place to another. The constant keeping of the time is perhaps a result of Kira being born into the watchmaker’s trade or perhaps it just that she has nothing but her work to keep her mind form counting out the seconds.

That is until Hannah comes along. Hannah is a stylish and good-looking woman with a pocket watch to die for – that’s if you are into old watches I guess. She is everything that Kira could dream of, but also someone that Kira deems to be quite out of her league, so this story won’t go anywhere if Hannah doesn’t take that first step.

Will Hannah take that first step ….hmm – should I tell you or will you just call me a spoilsport if I do? Ok I’ll risk it – I’m the blogger – you’re the reader – I’ll decide what to write, while you can decide what to read – consider you self warned 😉

Yes – Hannah do come looking for a date at Kira’s shop ”Everything for Time” and after a bit of embarrassing shuffling the ladies do get down to the business of dating. Moving from dating to getting up close and personal takes a couple of dates, but don’t worry they’ll get there.

This is just a short, short story even though it comes in three parts. It wont take too much of you time to read so if you just need a little entertainment with a taste of romance you could look it up.

For the sequels “Better Sorry Than Safe” and “Peach in Rest” you can use these links or you can just go to Geonn Cannon’s author page at The Academy of Bards.


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