First Date by Seana James

If you just need a coffee to go and perhaps a little something to munch on, you should get in your car and drive up to the tiny espresso drive-thru close to the Port Orchard ferry dock, they have great service and good coffee. Well I guess that might be a bit inconvenient for some of you… so perhaps you should just hit the link and read this short story.

“First Date” gives you the beginning of something that is possibly sweet, romantic and who knows – it might even be the first step towards forever. For once you are treated to the phase of a possible romantic relationship where the first sparks starts flying, and you are trying not to get caught looking at the one person that you really wants to watch closely for any sign that they may be looking back – with a matching interest.

If you get up real early in the morning you’ll be able to join Jo as she service all the coffee-thirsty drivers coming through Chuck’s Coffee Olé, and you’ll get to watch her interaction with the owner of a silver-hooded Jag, who looks like a Pre-Raphaelite goddess – that might be a show worth watching!

But don’t get to attached to the Jag as our Pre-Repaelite goddess do trade this in as soon as she has caught Jo’s eye. Well there might be another – more down to earth – reason for trading a Jag in with a Range Rover. Perhaps it’s a bit more like the SUV’s or trucks that the ladies of alt romance fiction usually drives or maybe it’s just more practical. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

“First Date” is just a short, short story based on a number of fleeting meetings between Jo, the barista and Mia, the driver of the Jac slash Range Rover, but if you just need a little something to end you night on a positive tone and you can live with just the hint of a romance to come, try out “First Date”.

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