’55 Ford by Erin O’Reilly

I’m definitely not ”into” cars, and I have no desire to drive a vintage one, but I can easily sympathise with someone having a passion for cars, as I have one myself – a passion that is – but it’s not for cars. If you have something, that you feel passionate about, I think you should allow yourself to enjoy your passion, even if everyone around you thinks that you are going slightly overboard, be it with the time or money spend.

Andrea McBride – or Andie as she is called – wants to have her ’55 Ford 100 restored. If you want to be the owner of a pristine vintage car, and you are not real handy with tools, I suppose that it’s only natural to look around for someone to do your restoration, and if you have an ample amount of money, I guess that you would ask for the best.

In Andie’s part of the woods, AJ is the best when it comes to the restoration of cars. There is just one small problem – she doesn’t do restorations anymore! But a lady with a passion usually won’t take no for an answer, and Andie sets out to persuade AJ to change her mind.

I guess that almost anything can be bought – even a reluctant mechanic – but would you be willing to pay her in … sex? Well I, for one, would think that that would be taking your passion across the line and into something close to madness, but don’t worry, Andie might be slightly mad about her car, but AJ doesn’t deal in sex, even if Andie is one hot lady. No – money and the story behind Andie’s need to own a ’55 Ford 100 in pristine condition, is what makes the deal happen.

As the restoration gets underway Andie and AJ set up a daily routine of AJ working on the car in the garage on Andie’s property, while Andie tries to get work done on her latest novel in between cooking for and flirting with AJ. But while AJ is successful in moving the restoration forward, Andie has a hard time with her writing, and this brings Diane – her editor – out to see her. If you have a thing about old cars or girls in overalls, you might want to look in on the action between the three ladies.

The first third of “’55 Ford” has a smooth flow and a bit of humour, but the writer doesn’t keep the quality of writing at the same level as a bit of drama is introduced into the storyline. Somehow the story moves forward too fast, and the natural flow in dialogue and in the development of the attraction between the protagonists is lost.

I did stay with the story though, as I really did like the first part of it and I kept thinking that the writer would get back on the right track with her writing, but I’m afraid that wasn’t the case.

All in all, absolutely not one of the best “out there”, but if you are a grease monkey, you might like it.


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