Control by Kim Pritekel (with Alexa Hoffman)

Garrison Davies and her father own a hangar and a couple of planes. They do mostly cargo work. Keller Mitchum is a 17 year old girl who works as their janitor. All of their lives change one night as Garrison sees a seriously wounded Keller on the side of the road.
This story is about severe abuse, fear, and healing. It is well worth the numerous grammatical errors and name inconsistencies. There were a few places when the story seemed off – like the timeline was a bit off or the author forgot she had already referred to something. But, to be honest, these are things that I come to expect from Pritekel’s work so they don’t bother me much. She makes the story worth the bumps. I did see that Alexa Hoffman was credited with contributing to the first twelve chapters.

All said, Kim Pritekel is one of my very favorite authors and Control, while emotionally difficult, is well worth the read. And, if I’m not mistaken, Garrison, Keller, and Parker (Keller’s much younger sister) make an appearance in 1049 Club.

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