Frederica and the Viscountess by Barbara Davies

Barbara Davies in one of my favorite authors and I enjoyed this story, just like I thought I would. Here’s the short summary from her website:

When Napoleon’s army forces Joanna, Viscountess Norland, to flee Paris, she returns reluctantly to England. While staying with her brother in Kent, Joanna encounters the charming Miss Frederica Bertram…”

Joanna and her trusty maid, Dorothea, have made their way back home from Paris and they’re broke. The Viscountess hopes to remedy that situation in short order. While waiting for news about her investments before going on to her brother’s estate, she runs into her old friend, Perry – Lord Peregrine – who is also broke. Joanna and Perry have a history and not the romantic sort. They were quite wild in years past. But Joanna is ready to turn her life around. She no longer wants to be known as Notorious Norland.

Frederica is in her late 20’s and still not married. She has a suitor, Chaloner Dunster, but finds him boring and dreads the fast approaching day that he will ask for her hand in marriage. Mr. Dunster is also the brother of the wife of Joanna’s brother. And Chaloner hates Joanna. From her penchant for men’s clothing and her love of reading material that he deems inappropriate for her sex, he loathes her. Frederica, however, sees someone much more in the tall beauty.

If you’re looking for hot sex, this isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a sweet story with a happy ending, you’ll like it. Barbara Davies has a great style and I think I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read of hers. When I did my quick google search to find a link for this one, I decided to use her website. There are lots of other great looking stories there and I plan to load up a few of them. I hope you enjoy her work!


**Update – This is now available in a published format. If you enjoy Ms. Davies’ work, help support her by laying out some cash, if you can.



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