The Conqueror by Mavis Applewater

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before that I love Conqueror stories. I do. Really. And I liked this one quite a bit also. It’s a short story that begins with The Bitch of Greece having a slave cut down from the cross. That slave is Gabrielle, a rebel, and she’s being cut down because she killed two of Xena’s enemies awhile before. Of course, she had already had her legs broken so Xena has her healer attend to Gabrielle. And has her put in the small room just off of her own. You know, the room that usually houses the body slave.

Xena’s not sure why she’s drawn to the little blonde, but she is. She’s also determined not to take her by force. She’s convinced that Gabrielle will offer her body to the Conqueror.

This isn’t particularly original but it is pretty well written and I liked it. The end was a little different. If you like Conqueror stories or just want a quick read with some nice little sex scenes, give this one a read.

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