Dancing with the Bride by Penelope Street

The so-called ‘Western Society’ may have become more tolerant throughout the past several decades, but still gay people are met with hostility for the most part.

So it is with deep trepidation, that Wendy Sullivan accompanies her life partner, Lynn Radcliffe, to the wedding of Lynn’s cousin Chad, to a small town, Melville, where Lynn was previously disowned by her family because of her orientation.

We all know what to expect from narrow-minded, small-town people. Or do we? Aren’t such expectations just as prejudiced as the rejection they anticipate?

This short story uses a lesbian setting, but it might as well describe another of many minorities in society. I’d like to call it ‘required reading’, only then you’d probably expect a lecture, which it definitely is not.

Instead, it’s a very delightful story with likable characters, concise plot, and very good editing. I would not want to miss it from my collection of stories to be re-read every once in a while.



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