Blazing Dream by Larisa

Are you into construction workers and the likes? You know the strong butch woman with powerful forearms, muscular thighs and perhaps a stocky build, the women who are really soft at heart when you get past the tough exterior? Well if you are then you have amble chance to meet a woman of your heart in the world of f/f fan fiction.

You might already know some of my favourite characters in this genre – how about Sheridan in Vertigo’s “Caution: Under Construction”, she is not only good at putting up drywall but also an imaginative lover, or Branson in Larisa’s “Phantom”, who looses her heart to a farmer.

Actually you’ll find a huge number of these big softies in the stories by Larisa, like Taylor the cement truck driver in “Kicking and Screaming” who will win a toaster own and the heart of a rather confused straight woman, Rouge from “Rough Warrior” who comes to the rescue with her strange truck when Taylor needs a friend, or Ed in “Haunted Past” who mourns the loss of her wife who left her because … well you’ll have to look up the story if you want to know why and to learn if she will ever return.

You’ll probably find the farmer Elise in “The Harvest” by G.E. Birch a bit less butch than Larisa’s characters but she does have a trade that requires quite a bit of muscular power, and a heart looking for someone to love. If you find female farmers who wears their hearts on their sleeves alluring you could also go meet up with Eunice in “Fenced Fields” by Dee.

Should you prefer the female characters with a tough job on the sea you might want to look up Captain Cordie in “Beneath the Surface” by Barbara Davies, who will take you and Piper sword-fishing which proves to be no easy trade.

As I said the butch women are plentiful in f/f fan fiction and if you want them at the roughest go look up the ones in the Larisa Universe. They all have big hearts that needs a special woman to love, and more often than not it’s great fun to watch how the romance unfolds.

If you know all of the stories mentioned above you could try Larisa’s “Blazing Dream” sporting not one but two women with a strong connection to the world of construction, but maybe you should take a quick peek at life in the woods before you decide to venture out. The first thing that you’ll notice is the sound of axe and chainsaw that create a steady flow of noise from dawn till dusk as Rowan tries to fight of her demons by cutting and splitting logs.

If you choose to stay home to have some peace and quiet, I know someone who will venture out – that’s Brandy – she has just inherited a rather run-down property from her aunt, and now she is looking to spend some time fixing it up with her next-door neighbour Rowan looking on.

If it wasn’t for the noise of Rowan’s axe and chainsaw or the occasional gift she leaves at Brandy’s door, Brandy wouldn’t know that anyone was around watching her work, that’s until the day – months later – when she slides of her roof only to be caught in Rowans strong arms! From then on thoughts of soft black hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous body crowed Brandy’s dream, but it will take Latisha the Queen to bring Rowan out of her hiding and into Brandy’s life.

“Blazing Dream” has a standard Larisa storyline, a funny dialogue, weird characters and a couple of woman who really needs someone to love. So if you like the strong butch characters in a funny setting, and can accept a fast moving romance – you could venture out into the woods with Brandy, Rowan and Latisha the Queen.

Beneath The Surface by Barbara Davies

Uhhh I’ve got it, it’s right there at the tip of my tongue! If you are an avid reader you must have experienced thinking of a storyline, but not quite being able to put a name to the book or online fiction that you are thinking of. Well I’ve found the answer to this problem, at least when we are talking of online fiction – be it original or uber. Don’t worry this wont require that you download new software and use strange it-like tools. If you can work you browser, you are very close to the help that you need!

All you have to do is go and ask for a bit of assistance at The Athenaeum’s Fiction Discussion Forum. This forum has a number of friendly members who are quite capable when it comes to identifying a fic from just a few bits of information. It’s really quit amazing!

The “Please help me find a story” theme got me thinking that maybe I should give you a review in which I didn’t name the title or the writer ? This just to let you work a bit before you sit down and enjoy a good read, but then again this seems to be a rather strange concept for a review, so I decided to let you have this fic with no extra work involved.

As you can get this story just by following the link, you might be one of those “very few” (irony!) people who like to sit comfortably, your feet up, enjoying a nice cup of tea, while you watch other people work their butt off. Should you be “one of those” you might like “Beneath The Surface” as this story gives you the opportunity to watch a bunch of people do pretty hard and dirty work and all you have to do is scroll a bit now an then.

“Beneath The Surface” presents us with the story of Cordie who captains a swordfishing boat of the cost Massachusetts. The swordfishing business takes Cordie out to sea 30 days at a time with just a few days of shore time between each trip. This is a lifestyle that makes a real solid base for a romantic relationship! So as you might imagine Cordie is unattached and dreaming of turning her life around to allow for a steady girlfriend.

If you choose to take a closer look into Cordies life, you will get your hands dirty and your feet wet with the crew on the “Dawn Piper” while they set the fishing lines, haul them back in and kill the catch of swordfish and sharks. You will also get a chance to see how things work out for Cordie when she gets to entertain the boss’s daughter Piper on a fishing trip.

The story is relatively short on romance and pretty high on the fishing business stuff and drama at high sea, but I found it surprisingly entertaining none the less, and well written too. The story would have benefited with an extra 20 – 30 pages dedicated to building up the romance before the “happily ever after” kiss, but I guess that the writer is more into the fishing and drama parts of the story than creating a touching romance. So don’t go fishing with Cordie if all you want is a bit of getting to know each other and a lot of cuddling, kissing and “hot stuff”.

Dorcas and the Gypsy by Barbara Davies

Kat and Dorcas are very different women. Kat is a Gypsy woman, exiled from her clan, and Dorcas is a rich non-Gypsy who has been committed in an insane asylum by her uncle who is desperate for her to marry his son. The women meet up after Dorcas’ escapes from the asylum. Kat agrees to help her find a childhood friend’s home in the hope that he’ll be able to figure out a way to get the evil uncle to back off. Kat has a bit of her own business to attend to prior to that, though. She has to attend an appeal of sorts to find out if her banishment can be lifted.

All in all, I enjoyed the story. It didn’t grab me as much as some of Ms. Davies’ other works but I did like the story and the characters. I think that I found Kat’s story more interesting than Dorcas’ and may have enjoyed the work more if that had had more of a primary role. But it was a nice piece and I liked the ending. I think some may want more in relation to the way it ended but I thought it was a good way to draw it to a close. Maybe there’ll be a sequel that will bring a few of the Gypsies to visit. Maybe one woman in particular. That could bring some interesting conflict for Dorcas and Kat. Ms. Davies, what do you say?

Frederica and the Viscountess by Barbara Davies

Barbara Davies in one of my favorite authors and I enjoyed this story, just like I thought I would. Here’s the short summary from her website:

When Napoleon’s army forces Joanna, Viscountess Norland, to flee Paris, she returns reluctantly to England. While staying with her brother in Kent, Joanna encounters the charming Miss Frederica Bertram…”

Joanna and her trusty maid, Dorothea, have made their way back home from Paris and they’re broke. The Viscountess hopes to remedy that situation in short order. While waiting for news about her investments before going on to her brother’s estate, she runs into her old friend, Perry – Lord Peregrine – who is also broke. Joanna and Perry have a history and not the romantic sort. They were quite wild in years past. But Joanna is ready to turn her life around. She no longer wants to be known as Notorious Norland.

Frederica is in her late 20’s and still not married. She has a suitor, Chaloner Dunster, but finds him boring and dreads the fast approaching day that he will ask for her hand in marriage. Mr. Dunster is also the brother of the wife of Joanna’s brother. And Chaloner hates Joanna. From her penchant for men’s clothing and her love of reading material that he deems inappropriate for her sex, he loathes her. Frederica, however, sees someone much more in the tall beauty.

If you’re looking for hot sex, this isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a sweet story with a happy ending, you’ll like it. Barbara Davies has a great style and I think I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read of hers. When I did my quick google search to find a link for this one, I decided to use her website. There are lots of other great looking stories there and I plan to load up a few of them. I hope you enjoy her work!


**Update – This is now available in a published format. If you enjoy Ms. Davies’ work, help support her by laying out some cash, if you can.