The Crucible by CanadaBadGirl (aka Allie)

“Being gay is like having ginger hair”

One of the things little Emma has learned from her mommy Nikki and it makes you wonder :).

After Nikki Wade was set free, she got together with Helen Stewart and formed a happy home. After a few years, they decide to have a child, biologically Nikki’s, carried to term by Helen: Emma. Nikki and Helen separate when Emma is three years old and, although both women have not gotten over each other, neither of them is willing to admit it. To add to their problems, Nikki’s mother sees Emma at the the zoo with her uncle David, and runs with the news to Nikki’s father who files for custody of the child, citing Nikki’s past, her business, her sexual orientation. We get insight into Nikki’s family and circle of friend, an eclectic mix of personalities.
The struggle to protect Emma, the angst of a mother when faced with the possible loss of her daughter, the longing for a lover she can’t get over make for a wonderful drama. Emma’s occurrences and her mothers’ patience puts a smile on my face every time I read the piece.
One of my favorite fics EVER.
HIGHLY recommended.


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