Plus Ca Change by CanadaBadGirl (aka Allie)

*** SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read biography (it’s reviewed here on this site and includes a link), do that first. This is its sequel ***

Nikki’s nephew is in trouble; he’s fifteen, gay, rejected by his family and living on the streets. His only chance is the “other black sheep” of the family: his aunt Nikki who he has never met. Who has a wife and a life in another country. Who has no reason at all to want to help him.
Nikki and Helen’s family is growing. There is a bunch of secondary characters in this sequel whose stories are just as interesting and appealing as Nikki and Helen’s, namely Lucia and Claire, a wonderful couple whose passion and angst rivals that of our beloved N&H.
I loved this sequel. The writing does not disappoint and it’s one the very few sequels that I actually liked. By the end of it I had closure. I was not bored with the characters already, and would be open to read more about them. All of them!
Like all of CBG’s work, this is HIGHLY recommended.

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