The Resurrection of Molly Footes by D.J. Belt

Imagine: your life is a shambles. You just got dumped by your girlfriend (over the telephone, no less!), and you have a job you not only hate, but that hates you right
back… Molly Footes finds herself in just that situation.

Is there no one to the rescue? Enter Molly’s spirit guide, Suzie Footes, a relative from the roaring twenties, who was shot dead in a bar, is prone to giggling, and a not-so-potential traffic hazard. Can she straighten out Molly’s life?

This is not a whodunnit: of course she can. The way she goes about it, though, had me giggling as well.

A very lighthearted, endearing story to be read over a nice glass of wine, or you might prefer your favourite tea.

A gem, really.

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