And There She Went by Azul

Going through my emails this morning, I came across the link for this short story in my daily Uber Etc. update and thought I’d give it a shot. This Xena & Gabrielle short is an inner monologue Xena has after Gabby’s marriage. She reflects on how they met and how Gabrielle made her feel things she didn’t think she could.

This is the author’s first attempt at fan fic and it’s pretty good. The writing style is a bit awkward at times. Not sure if a beta was used but I think Azul has a lot of potential and a good beta could help with tightening up the writing. For example, in such a short piece, there shouldn’t be the need to repeat the same phrases and adjectives so much. Again, I tend to be tough on these things so take my criticisms with that in mind.

I hope Azul keeps writing and continues to hone her skills.

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