Small favors by Chilly_flame (aka Harriet)

The not-so-tiny-anymore fan fiction universe of Devil Wears Prada is blessed by – proportionally speaking – an unbelievable number of exceptional writers. They deliver often, they deliver a lot and when they do – oh, boy. It’s fan fiction at its best – all grown up, smart, and literate.

Chilly_flame (to her many SVU fans also known as Harriet) is one of DWP’s beacons of light.

In Small Favors, Andrea, now a promising Mirror reporter, is reacquainted with her ex-boss Miranda Priestly. Against all odds, they become friends. There is attraction, there is tension, there is heartbreak and, finally, there is a love story of epic proportions (No, really. This jewel was written for Ralst’s epic proportions challenge).

There is, of course, a delicious offering of angst, but as Chilly reassuringly states on her LJ page: My characters shall have, after a little trouble, all that they desire.
Small favors is tightly structured story, with beautifully developed leads. Actually, the whole cast is handled masterfully, including the twins. I really appreciate Chilly_flame’s way with words. Never over the top, her style is rather ascetic than baroque. It works remarkably well: the mark of a good writer is knowing when to step back. I love the way she evades the clichéd phrases, turns them on their head, and brings the long lost luster to overused metaphors.

Ahm, not to forget, she writes erotica really, really well. When you think about it, with all the clothes and sensuality, DWP is a huge erotica opportunity. We are not talking underwear here, it’s lingerie! And garters. And cleavages! And silk! And lace! Believe me, Chilly_flame uses her opportunities well 🙂

And the best part? There are two more epic parts to this universe plus two shorter interludes. Bon appetit!

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