Spark, Hybrid, and Synthesis by Harriet

This SVU, Alex & Olivia trilogy was highly enjoyable. Now, I didn’t see the episodes dealing with Alex being shot and then whisked away to the witness protection program. I didn’t really watch the show regularly. Once I started reading fan fiction, I watched the first two or three seasons on Netflix Instant View just so I could get an idea of who the characters where. But you don’t really need to know all of the background to enjoy this series.

All together, the three stories are the size of a standard romance novel. Each one is well written and I noticed probably a handful of typos total. Spark starts out with Olivia returning from a very short vacation with her quasi-fiance, Mark. He loves her, she’s pretending to love him because it’s just easier than dealing with a break up. That is until she stops at work on her way home from the airport. Turning around after hearing a familiar voice, she sees Alex, back from her secret life in Nebraska. Two and a half years she’d been gone and Alex has decided that she’s waited long enough for Olivia. It’s time to put their cards on the table and move forward.

The first in the series deals with them acknowledging their feelings, the second, Hybrid, has the women taking a trip to Nebraska so Alex can tie up some loose ends. And the third, Synthesis, deals more with how they’re adjusting to being a couple after the excitement wears off a bit. I definitely recommend them. Well written, interesting, a bit of hot sex thrown in for good measure.


  1. I had these stories in my head for the past few weeks and finally got a chance to re-read them. Still just as good as I remembered!

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