Soul Searching by Advocate & T Novan

From my favorite writing team, Blayne Cooper (as Advocate) and T. Novan, comes Soul Searching. It’s a tightly written Conqueror story that I’ve enjoyed reading a couple of times. It begins with a bored Xena leaving her palace in the middle of the night and finding herself hiding out in the small village of Poteadia where Gabrielle works in the tavern/inn.

This story has pretty much everything you’d want in a Conqueror piece – blood, sex, intrigue, love, and family – along with many of our favorite characters: Ares, Callisto, and Autolycus are some of them. The plot is pretty fast paced and it can be difficult at times to put it down. It’s a long work and I didn’t feel that there was any filler in it. The characters were well developed and I felt invested in their story.

There are a few places when the authors forgot to remove words after finding one they thought fit better and a handful of typos but the story is well worth it. By far, one of my faves.

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