Just One Of Those Things by Mavis Applewater

Like the rest of the fiction of Applewater’s, this one has glaring grammatical errors and word omissions. And two cases of mid-story name changes – which is a pet peeve of mine.

This is the tale of Karla and Olivia who have a one night stand while each is away from home on business. They find out the next morning that Karla is Olivia’s new boss. They decide that, despite their intense attraction, they need to maintain their professional distance.

The story itself was pretty good but could have been better if she’d taken the time to develop the various arcs a bit. The chemistry of the characters comes through in the writing but there were several times that they ignored obvious information just to prolong the storyline. You know what I mean. Some integral piece of information spoken by one character that the other complete ignores or dismisses because she’s late for something. It makes me groan.

All in all, it’s your standard predictible romance but if you’re ok with loads of typos and left out words, it’s worth a few hours of entertainment.


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