The Secret Child (DI Amy Winter, #2) – 2019 Book 37

The Secret Child (DI Amy Winter, #2)The Secret Child by Caroline Mitchell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think this will be my last adventure with DI Amy Winter. What started out strong ended with me just wanting it to be over. Not only were the bullshit moments too many to be overlooked (for example: Amy turning to Lillian for help on a case that really had nothing to do with her types of crimes or family or anything at all while also complaining about wanting to be rid of her birth mom) but Amy’s inconsistency in leadership and personality in general made me roll my eyes. Amy issued the same threats and used many of the same phrases in her internal monologue that I was tempted to do word searches just to count them up.

The story had so much potential and I’m actually intrigued about the next book to see how changes in leadership and relationship progress but unless someone I know and trust tells me it’s much better, I’ll take a pass.

Okay, just checked and there isn’t a third in the series yet. Looks like The Secret Child was released just two months ago. Dammit, that means my resolve will probably weaken by the time the next one comes out…

Oh, quick note on the narrator. I moved back and forth between the ebook and audio (Thanks Kindle Unlimited!) and would recommend sticking to eyeball reading for this. The narrator is good except she was too dramatic. There were lines that I read that I took to convey very different tones and emotions than the narrator used. And the way she ended every chapter, making the final sentence seem overly ominous got old really quickly.

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