Truth and Lies (DI Amy Winter, #1) – 2019 Book 36

Truth and Lies (DI Amy Winter, #1)Truth and Lies by Caroline Mitchell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every once in a while I’ll see a book listed on Kindle Unlimited that piques my interest. I think this one came up on an email from Audible (or some other newsletter I subscribe to) and when I saw I could take advantage of the read/listen for free option, I figured I had nothing to lose.

I hadn’t heard of Caroline Mitchell before but I’m always on the the lookout for new authors to try. I’m glad I gave this one a shot. I was drawn in quickly and, while I didn’t agree with all of Amy’s choices, I could go along with them given the circumstances she found herself.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until the last several chapters that things started moving into the area of having to suspend disbelief. And when we moved into that zone, there was a lot to overlook because it got to be a bit much toward the very end.

Even with the BS moments and unlikely situations, I still really liked this book. I’m looking forward to reading another by the author.

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