Second Chances – 2019 Book 16

A long time ago, when I first really got into reading lesbian romance novels, I would send lists of errors I found to authors. Not in a shitty way but in a “here, let me help you make a better book by pointing out typos and consistency problems” sort of way. I did this for a long time and received plenty of grateful notes from writers and publishers. And then my wife said, “why are you doing the work of a proofreader for free?” It took me a while to figure out that, in fact, that’s exactly what I was doing. Fast forward several years in the future, and I’ve got a nice little side gig that allows me to read good books before pretty much anyone else AND get paid for it. Paid with money, not with free books because that’s lame and no one should be paid in free books. Free books should be an automatic perk.

Anyway, back to the point of this post… I don’t usually post reviews for books that I worked on. Even though my work has nothing to do with the actual story or characters or, really, anything other than wrangling punctuation marks, pointing out over-used words, and the occasional typo. But now that I’ve committed to posting at least a few words about each book I read, I’ll be adjusting that rule a bit.

If you’ve read any of Radley’s romances, you already know what you’re getting: complex characters, lots of dry humor, interesting and fun secondary characters and situations, and a touching romance. There are more serious aspects to the story to counter-balance the light-hearted fun which makes each book hit me in the heart. By the last sentence, I’m smiling and happy that I got to know the characters and be a part of a small part of their journey together. Second Chances had all of those things and I enjoyed it a lot.

You can download a sample or purchase Second Chances by clicking here.

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