Sequella, Corey, and Kitty Review Resilience by Fletcher DeLancey

Kitty: Shekking Mother, Corey, it’s about time you showed up –

Sequella: No need for rudeness, Kitty…

Corey: I’m here! Sorry, life got in the way even though I gobbled down this book in one night. Ready and reporting for duty. I just re-read Resilience a second time and it’s still sooooo good. We are finally in space with old friends in new adventures. And new aliens.

Sequella: All of the aliens in the Chronicles of Alsea series so far were too human to my liking. Of course it is easier to relate to them, but I was missing some brain-sucking, slimy, creepy aliens. This was the perfect book for me!

Corey: The entire alien contact story surprised me with its twisty turns. I am not a fan of creepy aliens but my expectations were upended in satisfying ways.

Kitty: I loved all the plants… dare I say, twigs and branches?

Corey: Ugh.

Kitty: You’re a prude, my friend.

Corey: Just around… branches. Anyway, one thing I appreciate is that Rahel shows her love, in this case actual need, for human touch while she’s consistent in her asexuality. Human touch doesn’t need to be sexualized to be enjoyed.

Kitty: Petting, I’m a fan.

Corey: I wonder if readers new to the series can use this as an entry point or not? They might need to back up one book to Outcaste to learn about Rahel, since this is really her story and the story of those around her like the Captain, the Doctor, the Scholar… the Crew.

Sequella: Dr. Wells plays an important role in this book. From the other books, I had imagined her a lot younger.

Corey: I love me some Dr. Wells. Yes, I was doing some calculations in my head to figure out her age. Mostly I enjoyed her temper (and maybe a little unwritten fanfic in my fantasies). But honestly I just got into revisiting and seeing develop the relationships between all the returning characters.

Watching two alpha women like Dr. Wells and Captain Serrado butt heads – they really do bicker like a bonded couple, as Rahel points out. And I treasure those glimpses into Ekatya being Ekatya instead of the Captain, usually with Lhyn. Oh Lhyn and her linguistic snacks. Dammit, I’m crushing on too many characters. All that and a roaring good space tale.

Sequella: This book shows how many more sequels will be possible with the Phoenix travelling and finding new adventures. If I could purr, I would now.

Kitty: Purrr.

You can purchase or download a sample of Resilience by clicking here.

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