The Bookgeek Reviews Forevermore by Lynn Galli

Here is the deal: I love Lynn Galli’s romances revolving around the “Virginia Clan” and there is one book which is by now dog-eared and well-read as a comfort read for “those days”, Blessed Twice, where M Desiderius and Briony meet and fall in love. Forevermore is a sequel to Blessed Twice, and concentrates on the couple‘s parenting and marriage. And yes: There was a happy squeal when I realized that Forevermore is a sequel to Blessed Twice and yes, I read it in one sitting.

M, who had been a foster child herself, wants to pay forward the love she found right after she was orphaned. So M, Briony, and Caleb, Briony’s teenaged son, take in Olivia, an 11 year old foster child and then life happens.

Lynn Galli does a brilliant job of telling this story from the perspectives of M, the former foster child, and Olivia, the orphan who holds her breath and doesn’t dare to hope because disappointment is a way of life since she entered the foster care system. I was totally taken with how Lynn Galli takes us readers on an emotional roller-coaster with the insights into the workings of Olivia’s mind. My heart went out to this child and I wanted to cheer her on. But don’t you worry: Olivia has great allies, M, Briony, their son Caleb, who is wearing the badge of big brother exceedingly well, and the clan of friends. They all stand up to help the newest addition to the extended family of friends.

One of the benefits of a sequel is getting to meet again all those main characters of former books who I have come to love, especially Lauren, Jessie, the Cap, Willa, Quinn and, of course, the glowing love between Briony and M.

So if you are looking for a book which focuses on life well into love with tender moments and a sweet, at times emotional read chock-full of love, I highly recommend as first course “Blessed Twice” and as a great dessert “Forevermore”.

You can download a sample or purchase Forevermore by clicking here.

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