The Bookgeek reviews Kiss The Girl by Melissa Brayden

Sweet romance with lots of hot kissing

There are romances and there are romances – some come with heavy angst and a lot of deep and troubling issues, some are mysteries cum romance or paranormal cum romance and some are just that a romance. And as I have said before, the last kind of pure romance is the most rare and the most difficult to find. Melissa Brayden can be relied on to write consistently very sweet, pure romances and delivers again with her newest book Kiss the Girl.

Jessica is a tough, driven business woman who is all work, no fun. But then she meets Brooklyn and discovers life, love, and sweet kissing. Brooklyn is creative, fun, and a crazy driver in NYC. She has spend her youth in the foster care system and has learned early in her life not to open up her heart lest she will be left again. Now she runs a successful advertising agency with her three friends who won her heart during their college years. Enter Jessica and enter a message from her birth mother. It’s showtime for Jessica in her personal life and also at work because it turns out that she and her agency are fighting for the same, big account.

I loved how Melissa Brayden puts a true romance together from scratch which tugs at the reader’s heart strings, is filled with humor, and introduces us to wonderfully likable secondary characters. There are scenes suffused with the sweetest love, some with great sadness or even anger – a whole gamut of emotions takes readers on a gentle roller coaster with a consistent upbeat tone. And at the heart of this book is a hymn to true friendship and to human decency. A special mention must be made of Ashton – a great teenager – who helps Jessica on her quest for humanity. The setting, advertising in NYC, is well done and convincing.

The editing, though, disappointed a few times e.g. I had to reread some scenes or dialogues to get the timeline or who was speaking.

Since on the cover we learn that this is “A Soho Loft Romance” I hold high hopes that we will hear more about Brooklyn and her friends, Sam, Mallory, Hunter who are not only great friends, but single too – hint. This review definitely needs to end with mentioning that there is kissing – sweet, hot, great kissing.

You can purchase Kiss the Girl by clicking here or at Bold Strokes Books.

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