Too Close to Touch by Georgia Beers

After having read “Starting from Scratch” by Georgia Beers, which I loved, I decided on “Too Close to Touch”. The book sounded interesting and I love the way Georgia Beers brought her characters to life in her other book. I was expecting an entertaining read and it certainly was entertaining and an interesting story. However, I was a bit disappointed with the characters. I just could not get interested in them at all.

On the one hand there is Gretchen, tough sales manager in a new job and awarded for her successes of the past, and on the other hand there is Kylie, long-time employee of Gretchen’s new company and her personal assistant. Kylie is warm, friendly and kind and – as one of the supporting characters puts it – too good for any of them. Personally, I found Kylie quite self-centred. At least that is how I felt considering the relationship to one of her friends of several years. It just did not feel right for me the way she treated her in several of the scenes.

As for Gretchen, she’s a tough as nails sales manager who doesn’t care what others think about her and doesn’t mind saying so, yet she feels not good enough for Kylie. She bases these feelings on her commitment issues which I just couldn’t see considering some of her past experiences.

I really like Georgia Beers’ writing style. The story was plotted well and the supporting characters were interesting. I will certainly read other books by her and I’m looking forward to them. This story, however, was not quite what I had been hoping for since I just didn’t like the characters all that much.

Reviewed by Alberta Yourdan

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  1. I ended up with a credit from Audible when I cancelled my free membership about 1 hour too late. oh I know, I had 30 days to cancel….urgh. I echo your entire review, Alberta. Wow, I thought it might just be me. This was my 1st audio book, and maybe I really am more engaged as a reader than a listener, but I found myself falling asleep! I can’t believe it because it wasn’t boring. The reader’s voice did not grab me although she did a good job with the different characters. But it really was the story and the characters. I was never emotionally engaged or attached, but I kept hoping. When I was done, I decided to reread SFS again to experience a very good piece of Georgia’s work.

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