Traffic Stop by Tara Wentz

Traffic Stop was a sweet romance focusing on Ryan Thomas, a cop who stops for a car at the side of the road and meets the other main character, Dr. Tobi Drexler. Officer Thomas, being the sweetie she is, sees that Tobi is trying to recover from an emotional breakdown and offers an ear if she needs one. She’s surprised later to receive a call from the good doctor while at the precinct. The two begin dating, and fall in love, when Tobi picks up a stalker.

Ok, the romance is nice and I enjoyed that they took it slowly to get to know each other. The mystery was alright and kept the guilty party somewhat hidden for most of the book – although the basic motive was pretty clear from before the actual stalking started. There were several times toward the end of the book when I yelled at the characters because what was happening or what they were doing just didn’t seem logical or believable. I think my only real complaint about the book is that some of the writing of the scenes describing what the characters were doing or background action was dry and gave too many details. Many of these scenes felt like some sort of transcript of the events and scenery and I eventually ended up skimming these “set up” scenes to move through them more quickly.

I do want to stress that the romance portion of the book was very good and I’d read another offering from the author. Very sweet. I really liked the characters.

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