Awaken by Kim Pritekel

I was on a Kim Pritekel kick and decided to read all of her stories posted to Well, that lasted for a good long while but I didn’t finish them all. This review I actually wrote a long time ago but was posting so many that I decided to hold off on it. Well, here we are months later and I’ve not been posting much at all! So I figured I’d better get this one done. UK and Jarling have been doing a great job of keeping you all in reviews so I don’t feel too awfully bad.

Awaken was pretty original, I think. It’s the story of young Braxton who ends up in a coma. While she sleeps, she has an adventure in a sort of purgatory where she and her guide, Asima, fight for her soul.

After she wakes up and gets back to her regular life, she continues to have dreams of her time in the other realm. Braxton’s life has changed and it changes even further after she gets to know her reclusive roommate, Becca.

Ok, I won’t say much more but there’s also issue of domestic violence, murder, and love and loss. This was a good story but there seemed to be parts – important parts – that were never really touched upon. I enjoyed it but found myself thinking, “OK, but what about ______ (fill in the blank with a few different choices that I can’t say here)?”

All in all, a good story and I thought it was well worth the read.

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