The Old Woman by Q. Kelly

If you are 25 years of age (or imagine being that), could you fall in love with someone being 75 years old? I’m not going to ask the complementary question — if you’re old enough, you won’t have to imagine, if you’re not, you cannot yet envision the clock running down on you. Well, my guess.

Ada has certainly made plans for her life, and out of her list of 109 things to experience, she has accomplished 106.

Rach, on the other hand, has no such list. In fact, she’s not over her girlfriend leaving her, and it’s only at her friend Jessica’s insistence to get involved with the next woman coming down the aisle of the supermarket, that she gets to know Ada, bent with age, but also with a mind much more wide open than Rach’s.

We get to see Rach change, perhaps mature, if that does not sound too condescending. And naturally, this is not a “happily ever after” kind of story — it is a happy story none-the-less, one that explores love beyond being in a bliss, or between the sheets (although there’s that, too).

It’s a rather short story — the time invested reading it is well worth your time.


  1. Thank you. I'm so glad you liked this.

    (I hope the following is OK to write. If not, just delete this comment 🙂 )

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    The collection is titled "The Old Woman and Other Lesbian Stories." Here's the Amazon U.S. link:

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