Guardian Angel by D

Nice sized short story, I thought, when the download finished quickly. But I had overlooked the “1” in the URL, and together with parts 2-9 you get a novel almost half the size of the bible.Luckily for me, the story starts with an angel describing her job and the glitches that occur, and how these are handled. Thus I was hooked before I realised that it’s about falling in love with a best friend and walking away from it. Otherwise, I’d probably have put it down with a sigh and looked for something else to read — and would have been wrong for the second time. It’s much more than that.

Charisma Tagherty has her goal in life defined: she wants to be the first female president of the United States. In college, she gets to room with Brianna Walker. The two become best friends, and after  graduation they take some months time out to travel Europe together. Bri falls for Chari, but, knowing
that a lesbian affair would kill Chari’s political career, walks out on the relationship.

Why this is regarded as important enough for the heavenly forces to not only send an angel to intervene, but an entire team of them, remains unclear until close to the finish, but in fact there is more to it than D. lets on for a while. Twenty (earth) years later, Guardian Esmeralda and her soul mate Saphira, along with another number of angels, get assigned with setting things right.

Bri accepts to temporarily fill the chair of a senator fallen ill, and so meets Senator Tagherty for the first time after their separation, and both of them are, shall we say, less than thrilled. Which leaves their guardians with enough work to despair.

That should do for pointers. You get a set of well rounded protagonists with very believable support characters, some refreshingly irreverent language (caveat to those who cannot take religion with a pinch of humour), and a high level of drama — I admit to having used up a stack of tissues. However, “The Storyteller’s Cardinal Rule is in effect.” You also get a thoroughly well crafted storyline with quite a few hints discoverable only in retrospect.

Well worth the reading time (and the tissues, as well)!


  1. Is there a url for this story? It sounds really interesting, but I would really like a link for it.

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