Deja Vue by Dee

This is the story of Sara and Lee. But no, it’s about Sarah and Leah… oh well. The story comes in two parts, anyway, the first of which ends unexpectedly, but is being taken up again later.

Sarah, an American medical doctor, meets Leah, an English professor of Ancient Studies, over a spilt cup of coffee while they both are on a holiday in Greece. After the initial awkwardness they decide that they like each other enough to spend some time together.

But here’s why Sarah spilt her coffee in the first place: “This tourist looked and sounded like the woman in her dreams…” And this is also where Part I comes into play.

I am not usually into stories with a strong “supernatural” (for lack of a better word) element, but Dee evokes such a delight at the developing relationship between Sarah and Leah that I could take that part in a kind of “icing on the cake” – attitude. The way she describes the growing friendship, the Grecian surroundings, made me want to spend some time there, too — preferably with someone as nice as the protagonists are.

Very nice, satisfying, and romantic. You get your time’s worth reading this.

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