Blood and Honor by Windstar and Zee

A good friend of mine kept sending me emails telling me that I just had to read Blood and Honor and I kept sending her emails back saying that I already had too much on my reading plate and I just couldn’t do it. Well, I finally broke down and decided that I’d at least read a few lines and see if it caught my attention. Wow. Did it ever!

I’ve heard several times from numerous readers that Windstar and Zee have some very good stories out there and that I really need to give them a try but I never did. After reading Blood and Honor, I can see what all the fuss is about. This epic fantasy story was nearly impossible for me to put down. The battle scenes, in particular, I thought were fantastic. There were a few issues that I had, particularly with names changing. One woman changed from Valeria to Valerie to Valarie and back again so many times I had to force my brain to stop noticing. Lots of grammatical stuff but the story was so good that it was a tiny price to pay to join Torrin and Luna and the rest of the women on their journey. One plot piece that really made me groan was the fact that neither of the main characters seemed to figure out who the next queen was going to be. Believe me, the readers figured it out immediately and it became a little frustrating at times when the characters couldn’t figure it out. Especially since the prophecy is talked about repeatedly. You’ll see what I mean.

But, again, this was GREAT! Really enjoyed it. I mentioned to some friends that I would love the chance to edit this and then have it sent to L-Book for publishing! So good.

I was told that I now have to read Selene and Nix and it’s sequel, Rezan. I didn’t know that I should have read these first but I was assured that it wasn’t necessary since they all can stand alone.

Happy reading!

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