Whitewater Rendezvous by Kim Baldwin

Chaz Herrick is an Alaskan Biology professor – until summer rolls around. Then she’s an incredibly able outdoorswoman who leads various sorts of trips for a local company. Megan Maxwell is a workaholic vice president who has not taken a vacation since the end of her relationship 5 years prior. Fate brings these two women together, along with the rest of the group of Broads in Broadcasting, for a two-week kayaking trip.

I remembered reading the non-published version of this story over on pdafiction.com but can’t remember how similar it was to the published version. I’ll be honest, I remembered some of it but the book seemed much different to me. But I read it a long time ago and could be completely mistaken. Feel free to post a comment if you’ve read both and have an opinion. 

All in all, I enjoyed the book. It was an enjoyable read with plenty of good sexual tension. It’s a nice, easy read with a bit of angst, but not too much, and some good sex, too.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Whitewater Rendezvous. 🙂 I can certainly understand why you seemed to remember some of the story (when comparing the novel to the online short), yet it seeming much different. It should 🙂
    The short version was just over 15,000 words, and written in early 2004, before I knew much about the technical aspects of the craft of writing. The setting, characters, and plot line certainly inspired the novel, which was roughly 75,000 words. And the book did use parts of scenes I liked from the short — the action sequences, in particular. But I took a fresh look at the story when I sat down to write the much longer novel a year or more later. I think it's quite a different read, too. 🙂
    Thanks for noticing, and your kind endorsement of the novel.
    Kim Baldwin
    PS – One of the labels on this review is Bella Books; just to clarify, I publish with Bold Strokes Books.

  2. Kim,

    Thanks for posting the comment. And you're absolutely right, it was primarily the action on the river that I remembered – one scene in particular which had stuck with me from the short.

    I also changed the label and the link for your book. I didn't look closely enough when I selected the link for the review. Thank you so much for pointing it out.

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