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Would you ever want to be “the bad guy”, the one to break up a relationship? Would you want a lover that you knew had cheated on her – former – girlfriend; would you be able – not – to think that she might do the same to you?

Well you might tell me to get down off my high horse and be realistic. Love isn’t something you can plan for. Some might even say that love is not easy to come by, so once you find it, you hold onto it and fight for it no matter what. Well I might as well admit that I have no experience with cheating. I have never – to my knowledge – been cheated on, and I haven’t cheated on anyone myself!

So why this stuff about cheating? Well I can’t really tell you without the risk of spoiling your fun so for once I’ll try to keep quiet … gee it’s hard!

If you haven’t looked up KG MacGregor’s “Getting it Right” yet and you want an entertaining novel length romance with well-developed characters and a storyline that goes beyond the romance then go look it up. It’s a classic lesfic story of woman meets woman, a spark is ignited and a budding friendship slips over into love… sex, only to be crudely tossed aside as an insurmountable obstacle occurs and sidetrack the women, but in the end …. no I won’t tell this time. If you want to know if “Getting it Right” has a “living happily ever after” ending you’ll have to read the story!

Let me just tell you a bit about the women that you’ll meet. The first one you bump into is Paula McKenzie at The Weller Regent Hotel in Orlando, a nice upscale business hotel where the frequent business traveller might choose to return. Paula is the blond and single Night Shift Manager with her eyes set on a career that will take her to the top in hotel management.

I guess that you could say that Paula takes the concept of “making the guests happy” to a new level when she starts a little innocent flirting with Wynne Connelly – our frequent traveller and marketing manager from Baltimore – who likes to stay at the Weller Regent when she is in Orlando.

Wynne is in town for a strategic planning project with the tour and travel company that she works for. A project that might result in her planning herself out of a job! To Wynne travelling between Baltimore and Orlando on a regular schedule is taxing and Paula proves to be a pleasant diversion – it’s nice to see a friendly face every once in a while.

The friendly face of Paula McKenzie proves itself to be good for more than just a little flirting. Paula and Wynne starts to build a friendship and soon they begin to think about each other in more than just a friendly way, but as you might have guessed there is a secret that can only be kept undisclosed for so long, and then – bang – it’s out in the open! The secret is no longer a secret and a budding love is no longer promising the beginning of something more but a dead-end.

What you’ll ask your self reading this story is if the ladies are going to “get it right” ? Can an unforgivable mistake be forgiven, can you build trust anew, can love conquer all ?

Ok so maybe I’m overdoing it a bit – this is a nice story but by no means the best from KG MacGregor – that title goes to the first two instalments of “The Anna and Lilly” series (“Shaken” and “Stirred“) and “The Road From Kilimanjaro”. Go look for the reviews under the KG MacGregor tags in the author section.

You can get this story in a printed version under the title “Just this Once” from Bella Books. I actually bought the book before I happened to stumble on MacGregor’s online stories. Yep – there was actually a time when I didn’t know of the (fan) fiction verses or the archives!

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  1. This is one of my very favorite of KG MacGregor’s stories. I’ve read it several times – at least once a year, I’d say. I truly enjoy the way KG uses pretty mundane things like basic work and family scenes, no matter how upper income some of the workers are, to get to the basic things that all of us share.

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