Love Bites by K. Alexander

I never seek out the shady bars, mix with a bunch of big leather clad women or get involved in bar brawls, but I’ll let you know that I do let out the occasional profanity when a driver cuts into my lane! Yes – you may call me dull, and yes I might miss out on quite a bit of what life has to offer, but at least I don’t ever wake up with a bruised face after a night on the town!

Sometimes the things that life has to offer aren’t the things you wish for. So I guess that I can sympathize with Beck when she “celebrates” the day of her “six-month-liberty” – the kind of liberty you gain when you girlfriend decides that the arms of another woman is much more alluring than yours – and get herself into a tussle in a bar, just because she is hurting and ….. drunk. Luckily for Beck someone quite nice and sexy is ready to go save a damsel in distress and throw in a comforting embrace and the likes. So maybe something good will come off this little altercation after all?

Now don’t get disappointed if Beck ends up with more that just a little one-on-one action. Who wouldn’t like to get sandwiched between two gorgeous women? But don’t get too worked up – this is definitely not erotica – even if the storyline do include a gorgeous third lady in the plot.

This is humour with a romantic twist created by way of a lively banter between Beck, her knight in shining amour “Big Sexy” or Eileen as she prefers to call herself, and Laura – the infamous third lady. The bantering is a fun way to create a dynamic storyline focused on the three protagonists and some well constructed humorous episodes.

If you like Larisa’s stories you might also like K. Alexander’s “Love Bites” as it have a bit of the screwball comedy style of Larisa but without the stereotype characters and storyline.

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