The Day Lucy Broke Down by Damnation

Do you ever linger between sleep and wakefulness slowly realising that you are waking up, but not wanting to let go of the warm soft feelings that are filling all your senses, and are you sometimes lucky enough to will your self back to sleep and continue the dream ?

Well the day Lucy broke down was not Kelly’s lucky day, she lost her lovely dream by the sound of a blaring clock radio, almost tripped over her cat going to the bathroom, her best friend Lucy broke down, and she got persuaded by a friend to take part in a little competition with an outcome that she definitely hadn’t bargained for.

On the other hand almost any day can turn around like a flip of a coin, so why worry about a few unlucky happenings ? Who knows perhaps Kelly’s day will pick up when she literally collide with a rather rude mouth Mach and lands herself an invitation to dinner with the attractive Jordan.

“The Day Lucy Broke Down” is romance with a twist of humour and its great dialogue. I like the teasing, bantering and the bit of rough mouthing between Kelly and Mach – it’s fun and entertaining.

I think that I’m putting this story on my list of top “romance with humour” or maybe I should just call the list – my favourite Larisa stories as they are all from her pen! But I’m afraid that the story “The Day Lucy Broke Down” is too short to make it to the top of the list. It helps though that Damnation wrote a sequel.

In the sequel “Love Struck” we are getting a peek at Kelly and Mach a few months down the line. And oh how time has flown, the ladies have not only fallen in love and had a relationship, they have also broken up – or more precisely – Mach has decided to leave Kelly just to make sure that Kelly won’t get the chance to leave her first. A warped kind of logic perhaps, but for the character of Mach, a fitting one.

I urge you to sail off with Kelly and Mach while they unexpectedly gets to try out Mach’s “we can only be friends” thing – it’s great fun and romantic as well.

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