Mac vs PC by Fletcher DeLancey

I’m not a computer geek, but I have found something a little geekish that I like a lot; it’s a html merger from Iterati. This software can help you merge two or more html files into one. This is a great thing if you like to read online fiction while you are offline and the stories you are interested in is not available for download.

In plain English what you can do is to save a story that are divided into two or more parts directly from you browser and merge the separate parts into one story and it’s really simple. All you have to do is to drag the saved html files onto the screen of the htmlmerger and point to the destination where you want the merged file to be saved. If you use Calibre for Ebook management you can convert the merged file to a format that you can read on you eBook reader.

The only thing that I found a real geekish about the Iterati software was that I had to download yet another program – WinRAR – to be able to decompress the Iterati software after download, but it all went smoothly so I’ll live with geekish.

If you are still with me there is a chance that you are just a tiny bit interested in what computers can do for you, and if you would like to see how well romance and computer stuff mix, you might look up Fletcher DeLancey’s “Mac vs PC”.

Wouldn’t you just love to have a coffee shop that serves double caramel mocha and chocolate cherry scone to die for within walking distance of your home? Well maybe not as it’s bound to cost you on the treadmill if you want to spend a matching number of calories before or after you indulge!

Anyway Anna – who work for the IT-department at the local campus – indulge herself with coffee and scone at the “Bean Grinder” every Saturday. On this particular Saturday Anna meet Elizabeth Markel at “Bean Grinder” as Elisabeth’s laptop crashes, while she is having coffee and editing a report. A helping hand in saving the file earns Anna a coffee date the next Saturday and a chance to get to know Elizabeth a little better, and it does seem to me that both Anna and Elisabeth are interested in striking up at least a friendship. But a friendship and perhaps something more turns out to be just a little difficult to achieve as Anna soon learns something about Elisabeth, that make Anna judge her as unattainable. Well you’ve got to go read the story yourself to see what this is and if it’s something that can be overcome.

In this story you will get a little of everything – a bit of “When Harry met Sally”, some advise on how to find your auto saved files, information on the virtues’ of the Mac and on a new way of earning a toaster, and as a surplus a little romance. I think that even if this story is a bit heavy on messages there are still a charming romance at the heart of it, so if you want to “merge” an interest in computers with a little romance – go look up “Mac vs Pc.

The story is available in one part at so you don’t even have to try out the html merger software to read it offline 😉


  1. I've already read this story, so what caught my eye was your geek-speak, which led me to read the whole review. I have to say that I really like your writing style. If I hadn't read this story already, I would read it now.

    Also, you wouldn't happen to know of any Mac-compatible software that will merge html files, would you?

  2. UK: I second Rio's compliment.

    Rio: Sorry, no help from my side — I live in Unix-land (and the story sure made me smile 🙂


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