The Grand Old Lady by Lois Cloarec Hart

I hate it, when a story makes me cry, and this one did. Of course, in order to do that, the story has to touch me, and obviously this review is a recommendation for you to read it.

Hailey Anders is a happy woman when she is accepted as a manager at the Peregine Hotel, an all-female residence that is referred to as the “Grand Old Lady”, having been built in 1903.

There is another grand old lady, however, who has been living at the Peregrine seemingly forever, Miss Margaret Coulter, a lady in her eighties. She is held in very high regard by the entire staff, and before long, Hailey and Margaret become close friends. I’d venture to say that they fall in love with one another, but in a grandparents/children sense of the word.

However, Margaret reveals the story of her love to another woman to Hailey, and the way the two care for each other is deeply touching.

Unless you are allergic to tears, don’t miss this one.

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