Fenced Fields by Dee

If you can handle a sweet and sentimental story about the healing effect of love you should look up “Fenced Fields” featuring Molly and Eunice.

Molly and Eunice grew up together, but while Eunice wanted nothing more than to live her life on the family farm, Molly was determined to leave small town life. She wanted to go to college and to be a writer. Following her dream Molly left her best friend behind never looking back. Returning 5 years later to care for her terminally ill mother, Molly finds Eunice as helpful and sweet as ever, but with a lingering sadness in her eyes.

While Molly was away, Eunice experienced love, betrayal and a rather rough outing, which has caused her to lead a life in solitude, with little hope of ever finding love or companionship. Back home, older and wiser Molly is uncertain how to go about putting the sparkle back in Eunice’s eyes, but seeing that Eunice might not be an unobtainable goal, she starts a slow insistent campaign to heal the heart of the woman she wants to spend her life loving.

The ladies are sweet, and the romance rings true with the slow and steady seduction engineered by Molly, but I’m afraid that the story could have benefited by some extra editing, but don’t let this scare you off – if you like sweet – you could do a lot worse with your reading time than spending it on “Fenced Fields”.


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