One Two Oh by A.C. Henley

If you like the cowgirl kind of romances you might want to look up Rose at her seventy-seven thousand acres ranch in Wyoming. Rose has been set up by the friendly ranch hands on the ‘One Two Oh’ as one of them has placed a personal ad in her name calling for a “Cowgirl to teach riding, roping and wrangling.” And Rose is not finding it funny at all, as she is sought out by every available lesbian cowgirl in a 500 mile radius! On the other hand Rose does need extra hands to help her turn the ranch around, so pushed on just a little by her lead man Champ she offers the suitors a job.

Among the suitors now turned ranch hands you’ll find Charlotte Johnson or “Critter” a short blond with whom the long legged blue eyed Rose has a history. Actually Critter was the reason Rose’s father sent her to stay with her aunt at age fourteen after he found her and Critter in a lip lock out by the barn. I guess he really didn’t approve of lesbians.

So the story finds Rose and Critter reacquainting them self and getting not so subtle pushed along by the long time cook Mrs Marple, but then again they don’t seem to need much pushing to fall back into each others arms. I guess they must have had the one “in a lifetime” kind of teenage romances.

“One Two Oh” is a charming romance, with a couple of sweet gals who is meant for each other. It doesn’t stray around much as the story is focused on the girls, and the heartache – well that’s all in the past – so you won’t find any large bumps on the road towards a happy ending.

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