Noemi by Katia N. Ruiz

Have you ever been hit by an earth shattering heartbreak, that you thought you would never recover from? Hopefully not – if it happened to you, how do you think you would react? I guess none of us really know until we really hit the “roadblock” that turns us away from the path we have been travelling in life.

To Noemi the experience of loosing her pregnant partner in a traffic accident was a devastating experience, which has left her with demons to fight at night, a habit of drinking a little too much and a routine of working or exercising herself into exhaustion …. but who can blame the lady if she feels a bit down!

This is when Terri comes to see Noemi in her office to tell her that Anthony, Noemi’s younger brother and the black sheep of the Leone family, has got her pregnant and seems to have no intention of helping her out with the baby. In the world of f/f romance a lady on a white horse will pass by when you need it the most, and this story is no exception. Noemi volunteers to have Terri move in with her while they wait out the term of Terri’s pregnancy, and it soon becomes apparent that this living arrangement has the potential of being a catalyst for turning Noemi’s and perhaps also Terri’s life around.

The beginning of the story is a bit unpleasant and not that smoothly written, but if you can get through this part you got your self a nice and classic romantic storyline of presumably straight girl meets out lesbian, they fight their growing attraction as they are both totally unaware of the romantic feelings of the other. When they have fought through a number of obstacles, they finally confess their true feelings, and from there on it’s a romantic bliss.

If you like a classic romance in a setting of “opposites attract”, you could give “Noemi” a try.

Ruiz has posted a Noemi Vignette – “It’s Our Anniversary, it’s really just a PWP, but if you think the ladies are hot – you could look it up. As for the other stories posted by Ruiz, I can tell you, that I didn’t find “A Sweet Surrender” worth the time that I spend reading it, so you shouldn’t bother with it – if you ask me.


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