Long Division by Mavis Applewater

Don’t worry you are not going to be tested in algebra or the likes if you decide to spend time on this story, but Lali is, she needs to pass basic algebra to get her college degree. I have no idea why basic algebra would be needed for a collage degree, but then again, if Lali hadn’t needed help with her algebra she wouldn’t have been looking up Dr. Dorinda Dupray (Dory) in the first place.

Dory is not someone that you would be looking up if you didn’t have to. She is a bleak looking woman and seriously lacking in her people skills. The fact that Dory entered college at the age of 10, lived with her father until recently, and has a number of advanced degrees, might have something to do with it.

Besides needing help with her algebra, Lali need a new place to live, as her roommate Brenda is graduating and moving away. Surprise! Lali gets to rent a room in Dory’s house, and to help Dory work on her worldly skills. Yes – of course there is an attraction between the ladies, so from here on it’s a matter of getting them all worked up, onto that bumpy part of the road that they have to overcome before they can finally kiss and … well you know. You might have wanted a “spoiler warning” before that last part, but why bother – every alternative romance that I’ve stumbled on has a happy end.

I think that Mavis Applewater does go a bit overboard in drawing a picture of the helpless and not so worldly Dory, but it’s funny, and I did like the “ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan” storyline even though it’s not that well developed. All in all, I do think that it will be worth your while if you take the time to look up this story – I still do from time to time!


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