Everything Personal by Jaeygatsby

Can you find your one true love by way of a personal ad? I really wouldn’t know, as I never tried meeting anyone that way, but in this romance it works! Perhaps not the way you imagine it would, but that’s the whole point … We need to be surprised by the storyline, even if it’s “just” the basis for a classic romance.

This is the story of Kelly and Allison, both professional women and best friends, like forever. For the last two years they have shared Allison’s dream house and both been happy about the arrangement, but a newspaper – with the red mark by a personal ad – left on the kitchen table, sets in motion a series of events that will lead the friendship upon a bumpy trip towards … well it’s a romance, so I guess you can imagine for yourself.

If you are a flower kind of woman you might like the role that flowers play in this story. It seems that a whole lot of things can be said by way of a flower like “devotion”, “my heart aches for you”, ”faith, wisdom, and valour”, “deep, abiding friendship” etc. I might stick a “flower dictionary” in my pocket next time I plan stop by the florist – wouldn’t want the gf to get flowers best suited for my mother!

By the way, I do wonder if the writer was at all inspired by the way flowers were part of the storyline in the movies “Imagine Me & You” and “Bed of Roses”?

The story is finished, but the writer did promise a continuation, I’ve found none so far, which is really a shame. I would like to see more material by this writer, both as a continuation to “Everything Personal” and as separate stories, as I do think that this story is a quality read with a well put together storyline and a couple of sweet girls.



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