Point of Ignition by Erin Dutton

This is the latest by Erin Dutton. It’s her second book dealing with fire fighters. Well, this one focused on Kate Chambers, a fire fighter who had been injured and moved into investigation side of the job. She’s not happy about the move but is committed to being god at her new job. Her first case involves proving arson at a sports bar and finding the guilty party. Here she meets, and is instantly attracted to, Alexi Clark, the co-owner of said bar.

While the book was your standard lesbian romance, two emotionally damaged women who are attracted to each other but know they shouldn’t get involved, and the mystery was easy to figure out, I still enjoyed it. I like Dutton’s style of writing. No matter the story, her characters are genuine and draw me in. I also have to say that I was thrilled to see a woman of color as one of the main characters. I’ve only read maybe a handful of lesbian romance novels that have had non-white woman in a leading role. It was refreshing, as was the fact that Alexi’s race was really a non-issue throughout the book.

I’m looking forward to picking up her next release which is slated for April.

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