Starting From Scratch by Georgia Beers

Starting From Scratch is told from the point of view of Avery King, a graphic designer who has a crush on the gorgeous manager of her local bank. Avery is quite certain that the beautiful Elena is way out of her league. Luckily, a series of events give the two women an opportunity to get to know each other.

This was my first experience with this author and I can hardly wait to read another. The easy flow of the story draws you in and, before you realize it, you care about the main characters and feel invested in their budding relationship. The secondary characters are well written, as well, and bring us more perspective about the lives and fears of our main characters.

I’m a sucker for great dialogue and an author who can plant an image in my head and I wasn’t disappointed at all. These women could have been my neighbors, well, if I lived in a better neighborhood. They were easy for me to identify with and I really did enjoy the story. All in all, a satisfying romance. And I’ve got the urge to do some baking with my 5 year old son!

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