Forever by Rebecca Swartz

They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever. Well that’s what Oscar Wilde thought! I usually stay away from all online stories that give any indication that the author will not fulfil my wish to see a happy couple ride off into the sunset. *Spoiler warning* – this time I was tricked – Rebecca Swartz promised forever and how was I to know that forever could be a relative term?

Consider yourself warned – if you do choose to follow the link – you are in for a quality read along one of the well proven romantic storylines … best friends, one harbouring a BIG crush on the other, but is never ever going to tell, as this might just destroy the close friendship.

When I read stories like this, I can’t help but wonder if it’s really possible to be the “best friend”, and not let your feelings be known. If you hide something like this from your best friend, how close are you really? Sorry went off on a tangent there, this is online fiction, not real life, so who cares if it’s believable, as long as it’s romantic. And I think that this writer is able to get the romance going and convey the feelings of the girls as they move towards common ground.

This is not a long story, so don’t expect a fully developed storyline or an extensive characterisation of the women involved, and don’t complain if you have to shed a tear at the end – consider yourself warned.

Enjoy!  (Kissed by Venus is no more)

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