Finding My Way by Mavis Applewater

You are probably familiar with Ms. Applewater’s online work already, as she has penned quite a number of stories; a lot of these tends to be rather steamy (PWP), but Ms. Applewater is also able to put together a romantic storyline.

In this story, you are treated to a romance between two professional women – Allison Kendal and Stephanie Grant – both working in the history department at a small New England University. Stephanie is on a “life plan” that should lead her towards her goal of landing a job at a prestigious university, and she is keeping her best friend and conveniently flexible boyfriend, Peter, at hand as a future husband. Allison, on the other hand, has made a choice that has steered her away from her original path in life – leaving a job as hotshot lawyer in New York to follow her heart, studying and teaching American history.

For a story of the alternative nature, there is definitely one too many in the cast of people mentioned above. It might help to ease your worries if I let you know that Allison is a rather out kind of lady who shows her pride by way of her ‘Pretty, Witty & Gay’ t-shirt, and Stephanie … well she thinks that it was just drunken mistakes when she made out with those girls back in college, but we know better, don’t we?

The scene is set for a romance between the ladies but, although the attraction between Stephanie and Allison is soon confirmed, the road to love is a rather long one. Stephanie has to come to terms with her attraction to women and decide how to act upon this discovery, while Allison has to decide if she is willing to risk her heart – again.

Going back over the stories by Ms. Applewater that I’ve read online, I think this is easily my favorite, as it has the most solid and naturally developing storyline, and a nice supporting cast. I must admit that it is a tad irritating reading a story with this number of mistakes in the wording but, then again, I’ve seen worse.

Further more, I should warn you that Stephanie has a way of putting off the things that will move the romance along, like telling her boyfriend that their relationship is over, or taking Allison’s hints that she is ready for dating. But if you are looking for a classic romance, I think that you will find yourself well entertained by Allison and Stephanie while they look to find their common path in life – I just did while re-reading the story.


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