Conflict of Interest by Weebod

A gorgeous, not very tall blonde with lovely green eyes and a dark haired woman with blue eyes, standing almost six feet tall? Do you know where we are heading – if not, you really have to redo some of your fan fiction reading! A pair of girls like this seems to be in ample supply on the fan fiction sites. If you want these girls in an original setting, you could go read about them in Weebod’s “Conflict of Interest”.

As for conflicts of interests, we are talking community centre vs. big money in the form of the owner of the local shopping complex out to make a deal that involves the community centre, and on the love scene we have Elish – leader of the community centre – who is just a little too quick in judging the actions of her friend Aisling – daughter of the owner of the shopping complex.

But before we get to the conflict part of the storyline, we have a chance to see how Elish and Aisling meet and get acquainted, with a bit of help from a number of friends that seem to think they are right for each other.

“Conflict of Interest” is a well developed tale with a solid storyline and a number of characters along with sub plots that gives the story some substance. The main attraction though is – as always – the developing friendship and romance between the leading women.

On my first reading of this story, I put it in the category of “ok story worth reading, but I won’t be going back a second time”. I came across it again the other day and took time to revisit part of it and decided that a complete reread was in order. So if you are in need of a little something to pass the time – try your hand at this.

Oh and by the way – the story takes place in Ireland and Scotland which is refreshing, it’s just like trying a new flavour of ice cream or something – it tickles your taste buds a little and maybe keeps you slightly more focused.

Don’t worry, I’ll take my leave now so you can get on with your reading. I just want to leave you with a little something to chew on; ”Her look was finished off with a pair of tan leather flip-flops. El wondered if Aisling’s toes were claustrophobic, she had never seen them enclosed.” … this never crossed my mind, but I guess that toes have feelings too!


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