All That Matters by SX Meagher (online)

Anyone who has read Susan Meagher’s work knows she writes some epic stuff. All That Matters is another long fiction but, for me, it didn’t feel like there was much padding in it. It’s the story of surgeon Kylie MacKenzie and real estate agent Blair Spencer and how they fell in love. I don’t feel like I’m really giving much away because, seriously, if they weren’t going to fall in love, why would I bother reading it? Hmmm? I think this can be considered a Xena uber but just barely. The main characters have black hair, blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. But beyond that, they really have no resemblance to X & G.

Blair and her husband, David, try for over a year to have a baby but end up seeking professional help. This is where they meet Kylie. Blair and Kylie develop a strong friendship and, well, stuff happens. The length of the story is good for the building of their relationship and the relationships of the supporting characters. It’s a story of growth, change, and love. And it was just as good the second time I read it as it was the first.

Again, my previous warnings are in place for this Meagher work, there is plenty of penis in the first part of the book. If you have serious penis aversion, you may want to skip this one. If you’re ok with portrails of het sex, you’ll probably find that this story is very good. I’ll tell you this, there are no messy man-cum shots. I don’t care for those so I’d tell you if there were any lurking about.

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  1. This is my favorite Meagher work. The references to the male anatomy didn't bother me as its use makes sense in the story.

    I fell in love with both Mac and Blair. Susan's ability to bring these characters to life is phenomenal! They just about literally jumped off the page. In fact, either one of them is more than welcome to come visit me. 🙂

    Do yourself a favor and read it, and if you already have, re-read it again.

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